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The GESOPS Promise

Manage the Scheme Professionally

GESOPS is managed by a Board of Trustees with representation from relevant institutions such as the Ministries of Education, Finance, the Attorney General’s Department, the various Unions and an Independent Trustee.
The Board manages the Tier-2 funds for the sole benefit of GESOPS members. They ensure that the proper governance structure are in place and are responsible for creating and implementing an asset allocation designed to protect Scheme member funds from risky assets but ensure growth.

Promptly Pay Benefits

  • To pay you a lump sum of your benefits on retirement, disability or emigration
  • To pay your beneficiaries a lump sum benefit on your death
  • To pay benefits promptly and quickly following a simple application process.

Simplify Porting of Benefits

  • To allow members to port their contributions out to other pension schemes should they change employers or places of work
  • To allow workers from other sectors to port their contributions in to GESOPS should they be employed by the GES, or as non-education sector workers desire to join GESOPS

Provide Regular Updates

To be accountable and transparent by furnishing regular scheme updates and statements to members.

Prioritize Customer Service

To establish a customer service culture that is proactive and dedicated to the needs of members.

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